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I love a good yard sale and I have been seeing all kinds of signs out lately and it made me think of this old post I wrote when it was only my husband and I reading my blog.


One day I am going to be that little old lady that races you to the next yard sale trying to beat you to the next find. You may think I am crazy but they do that. Ask my husband, he always wants to tease them and jump out of the car running faster than they can power walk. I can just see me now in my fancy caddy, big glasses, sun hat, and straw purse. With my best buddy Krista or my honey next to me helping me knocking down the young guns for the next best yard sale find.

The is summer is coming to a close and that means no more Friday yard sales. I miss it already. I don’t have a house full of junk or even a room filled with yard sale finds but I normally find a few good items that I would have bought new from Fred Meyer for little of the cost. I am a great yard seller and thought I would share some of my gems with you.

Yard Sale Gems

1. Find a friend who is as addicted as you are and set up a weekly routine of yard sales. It does help to take someone along that is not afraid to challenge the $2 price on a paperback book. I am a chicken and so Kristen (my yard sale buddy) is great for dickering.

2. Pack a lunch with plenty of protein and bottle water. No it is not a marathon, more like a 5k.

3. If you go with a friend who has the exact same taste as you, be careful. Set limits. Share your finds and take turns. Or dump her and find someone with terrible taste. =) Krista you know I love you.

4. Make a list of things you are looking for and say a prayer that the yard sale angels will guide you to your find.

5. Last but not least, start a crock pot dinner, you never know how long you will be out and a happy hubby will be more likely to support your habit if he is fed.

A place for my towels and dish rags. It fits perfectly in the window.
a place for my hand towels (by Leaca's Philosophy)

stuff for the wall (by Leaca's Philosophy)

The antique quilt I purchase for $25. I had the sale of the day. Krista and I are thinking about trading. She bought the antique fridge I wanted a couple of weeks ago.
antique quilt (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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I love banners, buntings, and garlands and I have been seeing them everywhere lately. (click on the photos to see the owners)

Untitled (by Veronica TM)

Lavender Garland (by Vintage Amethyst)

newspaper snowflakes (by mayalu)

delicate newspaper bunting (by mayalu)

Mini Bunting (by Chez Larsson)

spring banner (by littlethings1)

Untitled (by kelly rae roberts)

295: 11.22.07 (by girlhula)

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Traci has graciously agreed to be my guest blogger. I have known her since we were very young. She is full of a positive energy that is infectious and you can’t help but love her.

Oh, I almost forgot, she has also agreed to do a giveaway, a $40 gift certificate to her online store. Read her story below and then tell us yours. There is no write or wrong here, we just want to hear your story. The winner will be chosen on Tuesday, April 8, at midnight.
025 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

Everyone has a story! I love hearing it! That is what connects us and what keeps me in love with what i do! I love to know why a customer has ordered a name, a date, or a special charm. I want to know what inspires them! Their story keeps my passion burning, keeps me going and makes this little business work!

I am a crazy girl with lots of excitement and energy for life. When I do things, I do them with everything I have–it often times leaves me needing a nap to recharge but that is the only way I know how to do things. I LOVE my little family! They are my greatest joy and accomplishment! I love life, running, biking, swimming, and reading! This business came about because I wanted to share that passion with others! I wanted to create something timeless that would show that passion off…brag about it, I guess! That desire helped me create the Silverlime!

As I started to develop the whole idea of the business, I wanted it to be about the ‘highlights’ in our lives! I settled on the name LIMELIGHTS for that reason, but when I tried to register the domain name, I found that there is a large chain of tanning salons with the same name!……….so eventually it became THE SILVERLIME!

(FYI……some of the very first pieces I made were about the things that meant a lot to me…..
I wanted to create something special for my nephew who was recently told that he was cancer-free. My 13 year old daughter ran her first half marathon (13.1 miles), a big accomplishment. I have three of the most amazing children on the planet……wait, I think everyone thinks that! )

We all have a story, we all have something that has touched us and shaped who we are. Tell us your story!

018 (by Leaca's Philosophy)


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I hate to admit it but I was browsing Etsy when I should be doing other things and came across the coolest little devise ever, well for today at least. I love the idea of being “green”, not that I am any good at it, but cool little gadgets like this inspire me. =]

You can make your own starter pots with newspaper. When I go to the dump in the summer I see all kinds of planting trays and pots. This would be a much better option. I do buy a lot of my plants but I always take the container back to the nursery for them to re-use. I helps the environment and keeps the cost down for the nursery.

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my weekend tunes are including gabriella cilmi.

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I have seen these around flickr and finally decided to do a search for more info on them and I love what I found. I also love that I can always see some similarities between Buddhist beliefs and Feng Shui, helps my learning curve since I am already familiar with Feng Shui. Anything that can increase life, fortune, health and wealth, I am in!

I have been seeing little garlands out there in blog world and thought that they were so cute and now I have decided to incorporate both ideas into one little project for me. Sometimes I need something other than photography to keep me busy and then I photograph what I am doing so it all works out.

Prayer Flags (by pinhole (Mark))

prayer flags (by leschick)

Untitled (by mischievousmeg)

tibetan prayer flags (by mischievousmeg)

a year of prayers (by mainemomma2007)

my prayer flag (by andie♥edwards)Blossom and prayer flags (by Lou in China)

Click on images to see the photographers.

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I first came across Stephanie Roberts of Little Purple Cow in a 365 group. I loved her macro shots and the subjects she chose to shoot. She later stopped posting publicly because of theft issues, if I am remembering right. Months later I joined Shutter Sisters and realized she was one of the main sisters. I was so happy to find her and her site. Today I was at her site and noticed a link on the sidebar that took me to her mixed media projects. I just can’t say enough about how talented this woman is. I fell in love this video she did about her five photos and of course I had to share.

Five Image Experience: W. 12th Street, NYC from LittlePurpleCow Productions on Vimeo.

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wisteria (by CharlaneG)
by my buddy Charlane not lavender but the color is perfect. I am smitten with this color lately.

Untitled (by corfu~)
by corfu~

lavender soap

lavender soap

note cards by MariaElenaEvents

note cards by MariaElenaEvents

lavender beads by annwn

lavender beads by annwn

lovely lavender eye pillows by SimpleSweetDesign

lovely lavender eye pillows by SimpleSweetDesign

. (by sadferret)
by sadferret

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I stumbled across Provincijalka on Etsy and she had a link to her flickrstream. Check her out or just click on any of the photos, it will take you directly to her stream.

love, Alice... (by provincijalka)

dust of my heart... (by provincijalka)

One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star. (by provincijalka)

resting within... (by provincijalka)

Sliding into the New Year (by provincijalka)

) (by provincijalka)

Zapis o cudu (by provincijalka)

If I had influence with the good fairy who is supposed to preside over the christening of all children, I should ask that her gift to each child in the world be a sense of wonder so indestructible that it would last throughout life. (by provincijalka)

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