grilled halibut and mango salsa (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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simply cupcakes

Martha Stewart has a new cookbook about cupcakes and she had a whole show on cupcakes. She had cupcake store owners on. My favorite was Sweet Revenge, her cupcakes were visually interesting and they looked delicious. She used parchment paper instead of cupcake liners. I decided to try it and I liked it. I was lame and just made regular boxed cake batter.
{cupcake} (by Leaca's Philosophy)

I do have one tip for you. I take a container of frosting (store bought) and I whipped until it is light and fluffy, it doubles in size and is half the calories.

Today I was reading an article over at SS by Tracey Clark on the subject of bokeh, one of my favorite subjects. I decided to look through my stream and see what I had, actually I was thinking about this last night since today is Bokeh Wednesday. I found a lot of shots and it is interesting to see where one finds a shot with bokeh.

I was on a walk and the woods were covering me but on the side of the trail there was this beam of light and I thought it would be interesting to see if it would create some bokeh.
HBW! (by Leaca's Philosophy)

My salt and pepper shakers
HBW! (by Leaca's Philosophy)

The sun and the light being broke up by branches
Trees (by Leaca's Philosophy)

This was taken at a shooting range and all that bokeh is broken glass
broken glass of bokeh (by Leaca's Philosophy)

The faucet in my bathroom
When hope is not enough (by Leaca's Philosophy)

simply random

I have either been busy or in a slump for months and I have been a bad blogger too. First, I want to say sorry for being such a bad blogger. I know how much time and effort goes into blogs and so I hope no one is feeling terribly neglected. Second, I would like to say thank goodness for friends who call you and book photo gigs, it really helps.

This week one of my dear friends and her lovely family are moving to the “real” world….the lower 48. She called and asked if I would come do a session with her family before they leave. I was delighted and we always trade and I came out on top of this deal, I will show you my treasure later.

041 bw (by Leaca's Philosophy)

Their oldest daughter leaves for college this fall and so I thought a daddy daughter shot was in order.
047 bw copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

082 bw copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

094 bw copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

These two were more mischievous than all the kids combined, can you tell.
056 bw copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

Outtakes are always my favorite.
110 bw copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

055 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

I love seeing recycled license plates.
051 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

I was brave and got a shot of a stranger. This project is hard for me. Cyrus was a nice guy and spoke with a strong Persian accent. He walked with a walker but he gets out everyday and walks anyway. He goes up and down the path a couple times, about 6,500 steps. For an older gentleman using a walker that is not bad at all.
Cyrus from Persia (by Leaca's Philosophy)

We went to Potter’s Marsh and walked the path last night after dinner. It has been so gorgeous lately, we have been blessed, so we decided to get out and enjoy it. As we drive up in the parking lot I see this seagull literally attacking an eagle. As we got closer I started snapping as soon as we got on the path. It did not take me long to see what was going on. Seagulls were all over laying their eggs and the eagles were right there to eat them.

The eagle is frantically trying to get her away from him. He flies high and then drops quickly but she won’t budge.
012 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

Here she is on his back, getting him. She is squacking and attacking. I am cheering for her but I know she is going to lose this battle.
013 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

Here he is after he has enjoyed his bounty.
011 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

Watching this made me think of mothers and what we would not do to protect our children. And then I thought of all those threats disguised as beautiful and majestic.

018 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

My husband and I are taking a little holiday in the big city; he had to come in for class and I tagged along. It is our anniversary on the 25th and we can never seem to make time to celebrate and this fit the bill. We do not eat out a whole lot, we never have been. It is expensive and only sometimes is it good. I always walk away thinking I could have done as good at home. Over the years I have created recipes that are my versions of this or that from somewhere we went.

wanna slice? (by Leaca's Philosophy)
(sorry but that still looks good to me!)

We normally only eat out when we travel and then game on….we eat out a lot! I am proudly turning 39 yrs old this year and my body has changed over the past few years. I have never been one that can eat a lot of meat and that has never changed. My body fights back but I love meat so I force the issue with chicken, fish, pork, and sometimes even red meat. Recently I have decided if I want my body to honor me, I really need to honor it. Anyway, we have eaten out three times since we started this time away from home and I am feeling it.

I shared this with a friend after I returned from our last trip and she thinks it is my blood type. She read a book once that relies on your body type to decide how you should eat and take care of your body. I am A positive and my diet consists of fresh RAW fruits and veggies. It also talks about my sensitive sniffer, my need to hang out in small groups, and negative people really affect my mojo!

I went out today and bought some fresh fruits and veggies for salads and my munchy moments.
what is in your bag? (by Leaca's Philosophy)