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I was kind of disappointed that it was cloudy on the solstice but we decided to make the best of it and go out and take some pictures.

We left after 1:00 am…
summer solstice (by Leaca's Philosophy)
My son, Jacob (a friend), and I went out shooting together.

We drove all the way out to Captain Cook State Park. The skyline was beautiful.
solstice 008 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

It was 2:00 am…..
solstice 013 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

“Rusty give me a glamor shot”
solstice 011 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

“Rusty give me a Blair Witch Project pose”
solstice 017 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

We also fit a Bench Monday shot in
Bench Monday (solstice style) (by Leaca's Philosophy)

We did not get to bed until after 4:00 am, the sun never went down and was coming up. It was a fun night.

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055 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

I love seeing recycled license plates.
051 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

I was brave and got a shot of a stranger. This project is hard for me. Cyrus was a nice guy and spoke with a strong Persian accent. He walked with a walker but he gets out everyday and walks anyway. He goes up and down the path a couple times, about 6,500 steps. For an older gentleman using a walker that is not bad at all.
Cyrus from Persia (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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This weekend I shot the volcano but we decided to go to the local cannery and ask if I could get some shots of the eagles, there were hundreds. They were really nice and let us come by the big NO TRESPASSING sign.

This one was my best shot and I am declaring it my BSM!
{landing} (by Leaca's Philosophy)
033 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)
035 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

Do you think I can count him as one of my 100 strangers shot? I am getting braver, I was closer!
049 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

109 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)
117 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)
156 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

In Alaska when you start to see seagulls it means it is spring. There is ice chunks the size of Volkswagens, snow on the ground, no green other than spruce tress but still it is a sign of spring.
163 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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*I read a blog a couple of weeks ago and the writer stated that photography is looking all the same to her these days, one image runs into the next. I don’t see this at all. I hope never stop seeing the beauty in one individuals way of seeing and photographing their life and sights. Proving my point below:
My creation (by simplyblogged)

*I have one kid in track and one in soccer and I have no clue how to be in two places at once and keep up on my love a blogs, photography and cooking; not to mention the weather is warming and I am extremely excited about spending time outdoors. I will just have to cook early, read late, and follow the kids outdoors while taking a load of sport pictures. It can happen.

*We watched Vantage Point this weekend, I liked it. I like movies that spur family conversations on world politics. I love seeing how idealistic youth can be. I also love that my children have been able to talk politics from a young age. Now they are much smarter than I am and can maybe save this world we live in. =]

*My Toast catalog came in this week and I have been loving the photography. Why can’t all catalogs look this good????
002 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

*I have a stiff neck from making banners all of last week. I have made and photographed so many it is not even funny. Now I need to post them all on my Etsy.
006 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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I have been making these little banners for a couple of weeks now and I have decided to put some in an Etsy shop. I have made some for gifts and just kept on going. They are fun to make and even more fun to give.
banners (by simplyblogged)

Positive affirmations are a great way to bring a positive energy into your home or office and I have been doing this for years. I try to find creative ways to write positive words and post them around the house. If you want peace, more faith, creativity, success, love, or anything else, this is a great start.

If you all like these maybe I can do a give away in the future. Maybe another scavenger hunt?

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{rest} (by Leaca's Philosophy)

~Mt. Redoubt has decided to cool off, the levels are still higher than normal and the level continues at orange. AK Dave has some great shots, we bumped into him when we were at the beach watching.

~ I have been so busy this week, maybe a better word is distracted. The kids have been out for spring break and so I have been filling my time else where. We went to see Taken and it was good and intense.

~ I have been obsessed with making these little banners and can’t get enough. I have bought some vintage papers and have been caught up in creations. I love it when that happens.

~ Tonight there is another Sneak Attack on Etsy. I can’t wait to see another shop watch their sales go through the roof and not know what hit them. I love this kind of thing.

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breakfast (by Leaca's Philosophy)
breakfast–This week my daughter helped out with breakfast. *shocked* She stayed home from school on monday after her long season of bball she said she needed a mental day.
lemon–I love lemon water and I can’t seem to get enough of it.
salad–I can get too many salads and not want to eat them for a while but I have been loving them lately. Recipes here, here, and here.

Prints–I have been printing some of my images this week. I have been in kind of a slump lately and thought it would help. I shot these and after printing them off I fell in love with the image. One of my personal favorites. It is amazing how an image may not seem like much and then you print it and find a treasure. I am offering this one in my shop because I love it so much.
more printing and hanging (by Leaca's Philosophy)

textures–I have been using a lot of these in my processing these days. I am just smitten with them. I love when people share.

–I am not much of jewelry wearer, I wear a lot of silver, the same stuff all the time. I love this shop. Her work is so vintage-like and her pieces so unique.

_______________________________________________________________ down comforter--At the end of a cold day I melt into my bed, the feel of a down comforter warms me in no time at all
006 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

I love these oranges. The fill the whole house with their scent and they so tiny.
002 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)


Sam Phillips–I just can’t get enough of her soulful lyrics. I think her album cover is the coolest, like her music was made for me.

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#35 on my list can be semi-crossed off. Yay! I think I want different frames but I like seeing my stuff hanging on my walls just for the fact that it could be hanging on someones wall. I was surprised at how much frames cost but I was even more surprised how much framed art costs. Etsy is really a good deal; you can get an awesome piece of work for a low price, or better yet, you can frame your own work and save you even more.

025 (by Leaca's Philosophy)
024 (by Leaca's Philosophy)
021 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)
020 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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I have been in a photo slump lately. The winter has forced me indoors for the most part and I get tired of taking pictures inside. Today my husband and I decided to go outside today, snow or shine. It was snowing and very cold but it felt so good to get out.

Something I do when I am in a slump is to process differently than I normally would. It helps to get my creative juices flowing.

009 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

Untitled (by Leaca's Philosophy)

019 (by Leaca's Philosophy)
008 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

010 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

On another note…..we have buds. To look outside you would not think spring is on its way but here is the proof.
012 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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I have seen these around flickr and finally decided to do a search for more info on them and I love what I found. I also love that I can always see some similarities between Buddhist beliefs and Feng Shui, helps my learning curve since I am already familiar with Feng Shui. Anything that can increase life, fortune, health and wealth, I am in!

I have been seeing little garlands out there in blog world and thought that they were so cute and now I have decided to incorporate both ideas into one little project for me. Sometimes I need something other than photography to keep me busy and then I photograph what I am doing so it all works out.

Prayer Flags (by pinhole (Mark))

prayer flags (by leschick)

Untitled (by mischievousmeg)

tibetan prayer flags (by mischievousmeg)

a year of prayers (by mainemomma2007)

my prayer flag (by andie♥edwards)Blossom and prayer flags (by Lou in China)

Click on images to see the photographers.

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