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Yvette can compose the most beautiful photos filled with simple everyday items. Her use of light and textures is breathtakingly beautiful. She is truly an artist. If you are not familiar with her work, you need to check her out.

1. What do you shoot with?

Right now with a Nikon D90, but I have a Konica Minolta which I adore and two vintage cameras, one of them for the TTV shoots that I do sometimes.

2. What is your favorite photo on flickr? (one of yours and one other

It was so much fun doing this with my boyfriend who had pose for me in many of my projects, that I would name this as one of my favorites…
There is so much meaning in this photograph, I really love the result.

Another photographer?

She’s awesome. The last photo that I recently add to my favorites is this one from her stream
Still winter... (by emiguez65)

3. What would be one tip for someone new to photography?
Find inspiration within, no matter what camera or lens you use, no matter the location or the model, what really matters is what you can see, the passion, the message, the essence. Details and the theory will be improving along the way.

4. If you had to choose between stills, macro, portrait, landscape,
what would you choose?

Macro and stills.
Untitled (by Yvette Inufio)Untitled (by Yvette Inufio)

5. Who’s photography influenced you the most in the beginning stages of your own photography?
All the fabulous photographers that I had known on Flickr, with their photos, comments and flickr mails are still an influence.

6. Where do you get your greatest inspiration now?
I love being at home after work, taking care of my cats and my garden, going to the sea on Sunday mornings. My photos are the testimony of what I do, always trying to add some light, softness and poetry to my everyday life.

7. Who are your top five favorite photographers on flickr right now?
Ufff, they are so many talented photographers on Flick that for me, it’s really hard to pick just 5.

Esther Míguez

Irene Suchocki


Irene L

Alicia Bock

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#35 on my list can be semi-crossed off. Yay! I think I want different frames but I like seeing my stuff hanging on my walls just for the fact that it could be hanging on someones wall. I was surprised at how much frames cost but I was even more surprised how much framed art costs. Etsy is really a good deal; you can get an awesome piece of work for a low price, or better yet, you can frame your own work and save you even more.

025 (by Leaca's Philosophy)
024 (by Leaca's Philosophy)
021 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)
020 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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Here are some of the photos that people took while they had the notebook. Cyndi’s are my favorite, she made it look so cute.

Inspired... (by sabine's fotos)

Inspired... (by sabine's fotos)

Sarah inspires...  YIP 113 (by sabine's fotos)

The I love that, please send "INSPIRE ME" Moleskin arrived safe and sound!  OOP 112 (by sabine's fotos)

A Blank Page (by Andrea With A Camera)

Quoteable (by Andrea With A Camera)

Every Artist Was First An Amateur... (by sabine's fotos)

Toughts (by amanda_mae_c)

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I officially have an Etsy account.
This chapter was about taking risks and it has been a hard chapter for me to work through. I have this amazing ability to see the whole picture, when it has nothing to do with me. When it comes to me, I am lost.

After reading and re-reading this chapter for the last week I came to a conclusion. I have to look at my goals as if I am not me. I know I am probably not making any sense. Sorry about that hopefully I can rope this in soon. I have been looking at my current situation and thinking about what I would tell myself, if I were myself, which I am….now I am confused. Anyway, I know that I love taking portraiture when I am directing the shoot not when a client is dictating ideas, poses, and such. It is a good way to earn extra cash. But I really love when I can direct the photography. I would love to make money selling my images in a gallery or on Etsy.

After reading this chapter I decided to devise a plan, a direction, a risk taking project. I have had an Etsy account since May and have not done a lot with it. I have only had four images on it and nothing has sold. Tonight I have spent hours working on my Etsy. I have some fun new things I will be doing in the future but I am taking this off in bite size pieces. Check it out and tell me what you think.

Secret #2

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365.016 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

365.017 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

365.018 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

365.015 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

The most popular shot this week…
365.019 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

365.020 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

365.022 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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Unbrellablog posted about a project she was doing, 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women, and I decided to give it a shot. I bought the book and read the first chapter. Here is my first post…..

Acknowledging Your Creative Self

Not to long ago I was so overwhelmed I could not think straight. I had abandoned all of my creative outlets. I would dabble a little here and there but my creativity was not on my top to do list. I had gotten involved in all kinds of volunteer type activities. I could not stop myself, when someone asked me to do something, I always said yes. I was so confused and disjointed that I could not even see what I was doing. I started volunteering for my kids and I found myself cranky and tired with no time for my own family.

In 2005, we moved our family from Wyoming to Alaska. To this point we had lived in Wyoming our entire married life, 15 years. I was excited about the move and even started to breath. Living in Alaska meant I would have to get a job and I soon found one next to the home we rented there. I decided it would be work and my family nothing else. I have a disposition that lets people know I am willing help people out and often get taken advantage of. It did not take long for that to start happening and I found myself having to put my foot down and ultimately offending a few people. I was fine with it and continue to have peace about it. I needed to stick to the plan. A year later I took a supervising position and my plan crumbled. I was working many hours and found myself exhausted once more.

In 2007, my husband transferred to a different job, in a different town in Alaska. We decided that I needed to stay home, be a homemaker, and work on my creative self. A few years earlier my husband bought me a Canon EOS XT and I had used it so little that I only had to charge the battery once in the two years since we purchased it. I decided I was going to learn to use it and see if I was any good at photography.

In my quest to learn photography a friend suggested joining flickr and to take one picture a day. She said that she had been doing that and she could see growth in her photography. I had already joined flickr a few months earlier but had no clue how it worked and then I decided that would be my first task. I started taking daily photos and posting them on flickr–I joined some groups and added some contacts.

It did not take me long to develop online friendships, something I swore I would never do out of fear. I started asking questions and would get my answers. I was still shooting in the basic modes when a friend suggested I purchase a lens and start shooting manually. I bought a 50mm 1.8 ($90) and in February 2008 I started shooting in all the creative modes. I was in heaven. I had not realized how creative you could be with a camera. Silly, I know, I just thought photographers were at the right place at the right time to get all those beautiful shots. My oldest son made the comment that he had not seen me this happy, ever. I felt a tinge of sadness but quickly brushed it off. I did not want his compliment to be turned into a insult, I can do that.

I have grown so much in the past 14 months and continue to grow. I have read many books about photography, searched the internet to learn from other photographers images, and continue to find new ways to learn more about this art. I discovered a few things that stop me from being creative and my biggest enemy was myself. I have to watch my thoughts because I will convince myself that my photography is selfish. It is something that I am working on. This is my journey to unleash my creative self.

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