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Today I was reading an article over at SS by Tracey Clark on the subject of bokeh, one of my favorite subjects. I decided to look through my stream and see what I had, actually I was thinking about this last night since today is Bokeh Wednesday. I found a lot of shots and it is interesting to see where one finds a shot with bokeh.

I was on a walk and the woods were covering me but on the side of the trail there was this beam of light and I thought it would be interesting to see if it would create some bokeh.
HBW! (by Leaca's Philosophy)

My salt and pepper shakers
HBW! (by Leaca's Philosophy)

The sun and the light being broke up by branches
Trees (by Leaca's Philosophy)

This was taken at a shooting range and all that bokeh is broken glass
broken glass of bokeh (by Leaca's Philosophy)

The faucet in my bathroom
When hope is not enough (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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When I lived in Wyoming we owned our own home with one acre of land and we always had a very large garden. I could spend hours in my vegetable and flower gardens. I loved my yard, loved fresh vegetables and loved nurturing my family in ways I could not even comprehend. There is something about planting, growing and feeding your family that makes you feel industrious.

I was just chatting with Jackie over at Smoothpebble about this very thing. She is making laundry soap and she is very excited about it, she asked if it was silly. I completely understand why it makes her so excited. We live in a consumer driven world, blah, blah, I know, but it is true. Our great-grandmothers would be rolling in their graves if they seen how easy we have it.

I think things like sewing, hand made crafting, gardening, and soap making are dying in our homes. It is sad really because it is so rewarding when we take the time to do it. Now I will get off my soap box. =]


I watch Martha Stewart faithfully, I even record it. The other day she made a salad table that allows you to grow salad greens and herbs on your porch. They even made a salad box that you can just put in a small space. I called my husband right away and told him he was making me one. I am so excited to grow things again.

What do you do with your hands to create and nurture yourself and others? I am really interested so please do share even if it is a goal that you would like to do in the future.

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We have been watching this volcano (Mt. Redoubt) act up all day yesterday. I only live a block away from the bluff and so we take some hot cocoa, the camera, and watch it do its thing. We called some friends over who have just moved to Alaska to come down to the beach with us and watch it. This was my favorite shot of the day. I love how high the waves are crashing, the sunset, the volcano and B just taking it all in.
045 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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I just love this blog, When you give a girl a camera. Amy (42) and Madeline (11) are a mother daughter duo who collaborate with their photography. They both have a great eye for photography and I love seeing new images from them. Check them out.

will this be our last snow of the year? (by main st apartment)

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I love these little cups–they call them hob nobs. =]

Isn’t this the coolest bag??? I have been wanting to knit and have my supplies in a basket or a bag and I have been having a hard time finding something but these bags would work perfectly.

I want this lamp shade.
daisy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

photo courtesy of Rachel Ray

image courtesy of Kristybee

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I am celebrating with a list. The top 10 greatest women, in my opinion. =]

1. My daughter. There are so many reasons why she is on this list but the main reason is her sweet spirit. She is the type of person little kids swarm towards. They say you know a good person when kids love them. She is strong but has a soft side to her too. I am so lucky to be her mom.
_MG_6484 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

2. Grandma Slaughter. She is actually my husbands grandmother but I am keeping her and claiming her from my own. She served everyone around her and everyone felt well cared for in her presence. She was a great example to me and I can’t imagine not knowing her.

3. My girlfriends. Sorry I know this is not exactly playing the game right but it is my blog, my rules. I can’t not include them. I have the greatest friends. They are all strong women some of them have overcome the greatest trials and helped me through mine. They are making the list.

4. Ruth (the biblical one). Hearing her story has uplifted me so many times and I find myself reading it over and over. I love it. Loyalty is an issue with me, I try to be very loyal and expect the same from others. She was a great woman and I love her story.

5. Mrs. Buckley. She was my high school librarian and she was like a ray of sunshine. Just seeing her would make you smile. She was smart, kind, and genuine. Sometimes people just make an impression and you remember them forever.

6. Mrs. Turner. She was the elementary school librarian for my three children. I love to read, really love to read, but it did not come to me when I was young. I caught the bug after I was married. I read to my kids when they were young but I owe their love to literature to Mrs. Turner. She made the library funner than recess. That takes some creativity on her part. My kids grew and left the school, I continued to volunteer for this woman not only because I believed in all that she taught, but I also loved seeing her in creative action. n694882478_1227838_3105
She is one on the right in the poodle skirt. She does a whole week called Pig Out and all week you dress up and read, pig out on books. My kids still miss Pig Out week. It was a blast!!!

7. Jane Austen. I have yet to find an author I love more than her. I read her and get lost in the language and her ability to understand human nature, without a television! She wrote books in a time that looked down on women having such a career. I am never too far from at least one of her novels. I think she would have loved to meet me, I am her biggest fan without being a freak about it. =]

8. Coretta Scott King. Her husband gave his life for a cause that she didn’t allow to die with him. I often think of how scary that might of been for her and how I might have felt in her shoes. She had four children, a widow, and the legacy of her husband to protect. I am in awe of her perseverance. Great woman!

9. Marjorie Hinckley. I told my husband that if I ever died he could only marry Marjorie Hinckley. She is the only one I would allow to raise my kids. She was in her 80’s and was the cutest little thing you ever did see, he just looked at me and said, “Anything you want”. He does that a lot, like I do not know what it means when he says that. Duh? Here is one of my favorite quotes from her:
“I don’t want to drive up to the pearly gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully, tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed, and with long, perfectly manicured fingernails. I want to drive up in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp. I want to be there with grass stains on my shoes from mowing Sister Schenk’s lawn. I want to be there with a smudge of peanut butter on my shirt from making sandwiches for a sick neighbor’s children. I want to be there with a little dirt under my fingernails from helping to weed someone’s garden. I want to be there with children’s sticky kisses on my cheeks and the tears of a friend on my shoulder. I want the Lord to know I was really here and that I really lived.” Marjorie Peay Hinckley
=] =] =] =] =] =] =] =]

10. Diane Keaton. No reason I just really like her. =]

Other notables, Annie Leibovitz, ellen, Zainab Salbi, Virginia Woolf, all of my Shutter Sisters too.

Who is on your list??? Have a great day and remember those women who have helped mold you in to the woman you are today.

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Charlane and I collab together, and that has allowed me to get to know Char and her photography pretty well. She has a vintage feel to the way she composes and processes her photogaphy. Char is also a blogger and writes beautifully. I hope you enjoy learning more about her.

1. What do you shoot with?

I’ve always been a canon girl. I started out years ago with a little 35mm cheapie and then confiscated my brother’s film rebel about 15 years ago. Then for some reason I put it aside until 2007. Then one Saturday I was looking at catalogs for wall art and thought, “maybe I could do this myself”. I picked the film rebel back up. And was reminded of processing costs. So I upgraded to the XTi…and then last year I upgraded again to the 40d.

I also shoot mainly with prime lens – 50mm, 85mm and 100mm macro. There is something about stepping to recompose that I enjoy.

2. What is your favorite photo on flickr? (one of yours and one other photographer)

Wow. Difficult for another photographer as I admire so many. After looking back at 22 pages of favorites…yes, 22. I decided to go with the first shot I ever favorited on flickr.

Tree in Fog (by Vili5)

It’s from my friend, Kurt. Kurt and I go a way back being old blog friends from the days when I used to myspace (I no longer do). He doesn’t post to flickr any more and I think it’s a big shame. He is one of the most natural photographers I’ve ever met. His eye is flawless and I admire his compositional choices.

My favorite shot of mine? Well, normally I would pick a family member but I think I’m going in a different direction for this interview.

Over the Bridge (by CharlaneG)

This is the first landscape shot I did after I started classes. It’s the first one where I really paid attention to composition and color. I was so excited when I processed it.

Another photographer?

Snowflake in my window (by shuttermeister)

I just favorited this today. Look at the color and detail in this shot. It is gorgeous.

3. What would be one tip for someone new to photography?

Well, after fiddling with my camera and stumbling around for about a year before taking classes, these are my words of advice. Take the camera OFF automatic. Play with aperture, play with shutter speed, learn the basics of white balance and ISO. Learn what turns YOU on as an artist. Anyone with a point and shoot can take a decently focused photograph on automatic. But…challenge yourself to try and reproduce the same results not on automatic. (It’s harder than it looks)

Then I would definitely recommend classes if you have access or can afford them. The leap you make in classes will astound you. If you don’t have access (or funds) for classes – read, read, read and then shoot, shoot, shoot. Shoot something from many angles and study the shots. Look at how light hits the subject. Learn the basic rules of photography like the rule of thirds, leading lines, depth of field, the golden mean. Know them and then know how to break them, if need be, to satisfy your artistic eye.

Develop a critical eye towards your own photography. Discernment, what works, what doesn’t work. If you take 57 shots of berries (like I did this morning) – learn how to tell which photograph is better than the rest.

Sorry, that wasn’t one was it? I get really excited about photography and love to talk about it. Just remember, photography should bring you joy. Do what makes you happy regardless of anyone else. that being said, take your camera everywhere.

4. If you had to choose between stills, macro, portrait, landscape, what would you choose?

Difficult question. I’m so all over the place with my photography. Right now stills are making me happy…but, I’m excited to have a model lined up and I’m about to begin working on portraits. Wish me luck as this is one area where my experience is very thin.

5. Who’s photography influenced you the most in the beginning stages of your own photography?

Dorothy Lange and Ansel Adams at first. Their images are just so powerful and beautiful. Ansel’s use of light amazes me to this day. And Dorothy Lange, iconic. She captured feelings so very well. Then as I started studying photography, Henri Carter Breeson – his “moments” are just perfection. He’s a great one to use as an example of breaking compositional rules as well as saying not every shot has to be in absolute focus.

Then, my favorite instructor at Samford – Carl DelFavero. He has years and years of experience in photography and is an avid nikon shooter. Very inspirational and kind. He pushed me to learn how to handle critique and how to develop my critical eye. He doesn’t flickr but he does have a few shots on JPGMag.

6. Where do you get your greatest inspiration now?

Flickr is my greatest inspiration as far as learning and growing as a photographer. There are so many talented people that are so open and generous with their art. I have learned so much about processing from flickr.

I’m also inspired by nature, my family and whimsy. I love the whimsical moments in life where you just happen upon something so amazing that you must take a shot that instant (a good reason to always have your camera with you). The way the light hits something, a cloud formation, a heart shaped rock, a blue balloon skipping along the sidewalk. My family – my nephews and nieces especially. I never want a day to pass without seeing them smile. And nature – what beauty and detail, the reoccurring psi elements, perfection and imperfection.

7. Who are your top five favorite photographers on flickr right now?

This is like asking a momma which child is her favorite. She loves them all and on different days she may just love one more than the other, until the other comes back around with more kisses and love.

Traci French

Andie Edwards


Stacey D.

Sew Fab Martha

Alicia Bock

Oh wait…that’s more than five isn’t it? Sorry – I couldn’t pick just five and I actually about at least five to ten more people that I just adore.

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I first came across Stephanie Roberts of Little Purple Cow in a 365 group. I loved her macro shots and the subjects she chose to shoot. She later stopped posting publicly because of theft issues, if I am remembering right. Months later I joined Shutter Sisters and realized she was one of the main sisters. I was so happy to find her and her site. Today I was at her site and noticed a link on the sidebar that took me to her mixed media projects. I just can’t say enough about how talented this woman is. I fell in love this video she did about her five photos and of course I had to share.

Five Image Experience: W. 12th Street, NYC from LittlePurpleCow Productions on Vimeo.

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As you all know I won a lensbaby in a Shutter Sisters challenge and I am dreaming about all the shots I can take and decided to see what others have done. I am even more excited now!!!!!!

Lensbaby unpacking (by stephanrudolph)
photo by stephanrudolph

TileBaths RadiantHeat Restaurant (by Lash in Virginia)
photo by Lash in Virginia

winter (by Dalla*)
photo by Dalla

Campanula (indoor plants) (by AlexEdg)
photo by AlexEdg

Old tools (by ajschroetlin)
photo by ajschroetlin

Stefanie Woods (by PhotoInference)
photo by PhotoInference

escape (by The 10 cent designer)
Photo by The 10 cent designer

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This months One Word Challenge the Sisters are giving us one word and we will all focus on that word. It is beautiful. I am excited about the possibilities, not only for my own photography but to see what others come up with. There is one thing that I have learned after rubbing virtual elbows with so many artists is that everything is up for interpretation. What may be beautiful to me, may not be beautiful to you. I am going to kick off a picture that is just that!

010 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

As your kids grow older they are away from you more and more. My daughter traveled for basketball this weekend and while she was there she came down with a bad cold. I talked to her on Thursday and I could hear it in her voice, she was sick. My hearts first reaction was to hurt, I could not help it. I am the mom and I am the one to take care of MY kids when they are ill. Then the next reaction was to pull it together because this girl still has to endure sleeping on a gym floor for the night and play another game the following afternoon. So we did what my husband calls a “Cowboy UP” (we are from Wyoming) and we stayed with the positive and ignored the cold.

While she was away I listened to her games on the radio and when they are over I text her, so that I am right there to congratulate her on her game. Don’t you just love technology??? I always ask her to call me when as soon as she can. Well this night I get a call from another mother because my daughter had lost her voice. Ouch! She had one more night away and then she would be home. I had to look at the positive.

She arrived this afternoon looking like she was ready to fall over and pass out. Her eyes were droopy and she could hardly talk. My husband and I gave her luvies (hugs) and she told us about her weekend. The feeling of rest I felt just to have her home was wonderful. I started cleaning up and doing some things and I walked into the living room to find her laying on the couch with her feet propped up eating a yogurt. Her brother in the other couch as they watched a program on the tv together. Nothing is more beautiful to me than that.

001 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

002 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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