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I have been making these little banners for a couple of weeks now and I have decided to put some in an Etsy shop. I have made some for gifts and just kept on going. They are fun to make and even more fun to give.
banners (by simplyblogged)

Positive affirmations are a great way to bring a positive energy into your home or office and I have been doing this for years. I try to find creative ways to write positive words and post them around the house. If you want peace, more faith, creativity, success, love, or anything else, this is a great start.

If you all like these maybe I can do a give away in the future. Maybe another scavenger hunt?

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{rest} (by Leaca's Philosophy)

~Mt. Redoubt has decided to cool off, the levels are still higher than normal and the level continues at orange. AK Dave has some great shots, we bumped into him when we were at the beach watching.

~ I have been so busy this week, maybe a better word is distracted. The kids have been out for spring break and so I have been filling my time else where. We went to see Taken and it was good and intense.

~ I have been obsessed with making these little banners and can’t get enough. I have bought some vintage papers and have been caught up in creations. I love it when that happens.

~ Tonight there is another Sneak Attack on Etsy. I can’t wait to see another shop watch their sales go through the roof and not know what hit them. I love this kind of thing.

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We have been watching this volcano (Mt. Redoubt) act up all day yesterday. I only live a block away from the bluff and so we take some hot cocoa, the camera, and watch it do its thing. We called some friends over who have just moved to Alaska to come down to the beach with us and watch it. This was my favorite shot of the day. I love how high the waves are crashing, the sunset, the volcano and B just taking it all in.
045 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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Yvette can compose the most beautiful photos filled with simple everyday items. Her use of light and textures is breathtakingly beautiful. She is truly an artist. If you are not familiar with her work, you need to check her out.

1. What do you shoot with?

Right now with a Nikon D90, but I have a Konica Minolta which I adore and two vintage cameras, one of them for the TTV shoots that I do sometimes.

2. What is your favorite photo on flickr? (one of yours and one other

It was so much fun doing this with my boyfriend who had pose for me in many of my projects, that I would name this as one of my favorites…
There is so much meaning in this photograph, I really love the result.

Another photographer?

She’s awesome. The last photo that I recently add to my favorites is this one from her stream
Still winter... (by emiguez65)

3. What would be one tip for someone new to photography?
Find inspiration within, no matter what camera or lens you use, no matter the location or the model, what really matters is what you can see, the passion, the message, the essence. Details and the theory will be improving along the way.

4. If you had to choose between stills, macro, portrait, landscape,
what would you choose?

Macro and stills.
Untitled (by Yvette Inufio)Untitled (by Yvette Inufio)

5. Who’s photography influenced you the most in the beginning stages of your own photography?
All the fabulous photographers that I had known on Flickr, with their photos, comments and flickr mails are still an influence.

6. Where do you get your greatest inspiration now?
I love being at home after work, taking care of my cats and my garden, going to the sea on Sunday mornings. My photos are the testimony of what I do, always trying to add some light, softness and poetry to my everyday life.

7. Who are your top five favorite photographers on flickr right now?
Ufff, they are so many talented photographers on Flick that for me, it’s really hard to pick just 5.

Esther Míguez

Irene Suchocki


Irene L

Alicia Bock

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I love the look of polaroids and now it is so expensive to buy the film I have opted to use other means to achieve the look of a polaroid. I have blogged about the program and the actions and now I have been playing with the textures.

polaroid_3_by_IllusionOfPerfection (by Leaca's Philosophy)

polariod_1_by_IllusionOfPerfection (by Leaca's Philosophy)

Here is one, and here is another one.


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#35 on my list can be semi-crossed off. Yay! I think I want different frames but I like seeing my stuff hanging on my walls just for the fact that it could be hanging on someones wall. I was surprised at how much frames cost but I was even more surprised how much framed art costs. Etsy is really a good deal; you can get an awesome piece of work for a low price, or better yet, you can frame your own work and save you even more.

025 (by Leaca's Philosophy)
024 (by Leaca's Philosophy)
021 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)
020 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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Money is tight for everyone right now, me included. Last week I thought I would treat myself to a window walk through my favorite little mall. In this little mall is a specialty shop filled with cheeses, deli salads, and fun little items to dress up your favorite dish. I had my grocery list and I usually buy the same items, we are boring that way, and I started looking at the price of their bottled items. Items like soy sauce, chili sauce, rice vinegar, and a few others. I saved at the very least $1 a bottle on all these items. I was shocked. Fred Meyer, Safeway, Carrs could not touch their prices on these items.

I think all too often we forget to look to our favorite privately owned shops for fear their prices are going to be higher. A lesson learned to always check before I assume.

Also check this post for more money saving cents.

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I have been in a photo slump lately. The winter has forced me indoors for the most part and I get tired of taking pictures inside. Today my husband and I decided to go outside today, snow or shine. It was snowing and very cold but it felt so good to get out.

Something I do when I am in a slump is to process differently than I normally would. It helps to get my creative juices flowing.

009 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

Untitled (by Leaca's Philosophy)

019 (by Leaca's Philosophy)
008 copy (by Leaca's Philosophy)

010 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

On another note…..we have buds. To look outside you would not think spring is on its way but here is the proof.
012 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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I just love this blog, When you give a girl a camera. Amy (42) and Madeline (11) are a mother daughter duo who collaborate with their photography. They both have a great eye for photography and I love seeing new images from them. Check them out.

will this be our last snow of the year? (by main st apartment)

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I spent my weekend making these little guys and working on my inspiration boards. We do not have a lot of room in this house so I had to convert a corner in my bedroom to this cause. I am looking for a cute little desk and maybe a shelf, we’ll see.

001 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

003 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

005 (by Leaca's Philosophy)

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