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This week we have been doing nothing but volcano watching. If we are not down there watching it we are on the internet reading the reports and watching squiggly lines. I am a proficient squiggly line reader, I bet you did not know that about me.

Last night about 11:20pm the volcano was going off and there was flames and lightening lighting up the sky. I was not fast enough to get these shots but the shot below and others of this eruption are available here.

My daughter went with her friend to Arizona over spring break for a week and the house was so quiet. She came home and now the house is filled with noise. Her begging me to let her do something, her screaming at her dad to stop teasing her, her laughing, even her hour long showers are making noise. Man, it is great to have her back.

I have a certifiable sensitive sniffer, seriously! This is gene I have handed down to my children and it drives him nutty. I was telling him last night that I can smell the volcano, that I can actually tell when it has erupted without looking at the site or being down on the beach watching it. It smells like fireworks, kind of. My daughter got up this morning and was eating cereal at the table and I let the dogs out and the smell swept in and she says, “What is that smell?” I just have to smile and it fills me with pride.

I love Benihana’s Yakisoba but I can’t afford to go there weekly to have it. I have been researching this week and making it at home. I think I have almost got it. It might not taste exactly like theirs but it will be close and have my signature on it. Maybe I will share my recipe this week.

I have been holding my camera a lot lately. I shoot a Canon 50D, it is quite large compared to the XT I used to shoot with. Weeks like this I miss my little comfortable camera but the images are so much better with the 50D so I deal with it.

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We have been watching this volcano (Mt. Redoubt) act up all day yesterday. I only live a block away from the bluff and so we take some hot cocoa, the camera, and watch it do its thing. We called some friends over who have just moved to Alaska to come down to the beach with us and watch it. This was my favorite shot of the day. I love how high the waves are crashing, the sunset, the volcano and B just taking it all in.
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